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Complete your European pension puzzle.



Complete your European pension puzzle


Europe is growing together. Goods and services flow across borders and companies become multinational. 


As if the challenges of cross-border business were not enough, companies find themselves managing diverse pension plans across Europe or even worldwide. But there is no need to face these challenges alone: Our asset management and life insurance specialists have years of experience to assist you in finding a solution tailored to your needs.


Our Solutions

We provide best-in-class pension solutions, ranging from customised Funding Strategies, Fiduciary Management Services and Defined Contri-bution Strategies to European Pension Pooling.



Why Allianz

The combination of life insurance, asset management and risk management expertise has enabled Allianz to become a premium provider of pension solutions.



Pension Insights

Access our information and research as well as commentary on global pension trends, and find out what is shaping the investment and retirement industries.




Please contact our experts for cross-border and local pension solutions for further information.


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